[XB1] H:Handmades, fixers, other weapons, apparel and plans W:BE25 fixer

2022.01.29 11:19 Laundryboxxy899 [XB1] H:Handmades, fixers, other weapons, apparel and plans W:BE25 fixer

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2022.01.29 11:19 TheRealNikoBravo Leo and Nova are growing so fast!

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2022.01.29 11:19 confused_and_lonely_ Avoided bingeing and purging today!!!

I'm so proud of myself! I had such strong urges to b/p after eating a certain trigger food, I usually can't hold it off for more than a couple minutes, but I managed to sit there and not do anything. Not as easy as it sounds, my heart was beating so hard and my whole body was hot and restless but I sat and (like a crazy person) talked to myself in my voice memos.
I was honestly surprised when the urge passed, I didn't really know if it would work. I still feel like I ate too much today (logically I probably didn't) but I'm just to proud to care right now. It's only my second day clean but this feels like a huge win.
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2022.01.29 11:19 SwanKo2010 Folks who attended college after 25: If you could go back in time, what advice would you give to yourself as a freshman?

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2022.01.29 11:19 asiancumrag Am I

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2022.01.29 11:19 BackgroundIdeal2848 Macros?

How does it work?, anyone can explain pls?
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2022.01.29 11:19 WarGonny New CQB in Kent UK

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2022.01.29 11:19 Banjo-Oz [NO SPOILERS] Is the remaster just a cosmetic update or will there be new content too?

Am I right that the remaster is just that, a cosmetic overhaul? It won't involve restoring any cut content, giving us a fonal episode that wasn't clearly rushed or a better ending cutscene for one of the outcomes (players know which one)?
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2022.01.29 11:19 woodythemonster Sorry couldn't post day 2 because I was to busy so this is Day 2 and 3 and I wasn't able to grind

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2022.01.29 11:19 Macroc0sM filing it on my taxes

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2022.01.29 11:19 gib_pinrut Really Weird Al - New Turnip

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2022.01.29 11:19 saadmerie Introduction to Water Management

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2022.01.29 11:19 blew2705 Hey guys ! What do you think about my mug ?

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2022.01.29 11:19 Likes_Monke Why do teens normalise porn in this sub?

I understand about "the horny" just look at my age flair and you will know.
but porn is like 18+ shit, why are most of us teens watching that? like some of us went from writing love poems for girls to sending pp pics and asking strangers for nudes. that is literal barbarism in my perspective.
And I'm a little concerned for my generation as well. like I had quit porn at 13 after 1 year and it had already damaged my brain enough, just ask a few 18-19 year olds here and they may know it; also kudos to them for giving me an early warning sign.

also I've got no problem with masturbation, it's normal for teens to do it, the problem comes when they do it while consumiong any stimulating content (like on the internet).
(I don't really do masturbate though, it makes me feel like crap afterwards)
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2022.01.29 11:19 Stumpy-JIm My game is hyper-modded and now I'm trapped inside it - Session 7 boss battles and temples

“Until we meet again, He-man!” the last of the undead cackled as it collapsed into a pile of bones on the ground, metal clattering and clanging.
Gulping in air, Charles held his spear ahead on himself, right where he had slain the creature. He looked around and saw what seemed to be a hundred piles of bones and mummified corpses, all along the pathway they took to here, a door with a simple sliding puzzle for a lock—which happened to be a picture of a woman in a bikini at the beach.
“Right, now all those creaky bones are gone,” Yular said as he staggered past Charles to the lock. The man then tapped his chin and stared at the lock, humming to himself. “A Manchua lock…” he began as he touched the tile which happened to be the right breast. “I think it’s a depiction of the god Matha, represented as an eagle.”
Charles wondered if he was horny when he picked the mods for his game, because he rarely saw anything else that wasn’t just “make it sexier”, other than the clown guards. Combat was hard and it seemed plenty of times that he was going to die for sure, only to be saved at the last second by his reflexes or by one of hie friends; sometimes it took his entire concentration to not be scalped by a overhead swing of a sword, ran through with a spear or have his brains bashed out with a mace—he dreaded now, having combat with actual people, as the busty ladies in their skimpy armour, smooth silky skin and hour-glass bodies, were for sure going to make it harder when avoiding the axe that would come for his arm.
“…okay, and…done!” Yular guffawed as he slid the last tile in its proper place, which happened to be the leg of the woman. As he stepped back, the door shook and rumbled as it sunk into the ground, dust shaking off and a gust of cool air rushed into everyone’s faces.
As the door finished sinking, on the other side was a large cavern, where light beamed on down from a hole in the ceiling, over a large area, which included several chests, piles of coins, a stone table with a few things on it and a very conspicuous sarcophagus right on the edge of the platform. As the group walked toward the lit-up area of the cavern, Charles frowned as he thought he heard some strangely muffled music coming from the sarcophagus; he had now idea what the music was, but he could easily guess it was to do with a mod that he installed, relating probably to an enemy replacer.
His game really wasn’t immersive at all, was it?
“Hey, look at this thing!” Dari shouted as she picked up what seemed to be curved dagger that shimmered ever-so-slightly. She tossed it from one hand to the next then brushed the edge of it against her thumb, cutting easily and drawing bright blood. “Holy shit, this thing is sharp.”
“Enchanted things do tend to keep their edge,” Petuk nodded as he went to a pile of gold and took the coins, piling them into a sack. “Probably worth quite a bit.”
“Nah,” Dari grinned as she tucked the dagger in her belt. “This thing is for me and me alone.”
Yular went to separate pile of gold and took handfuls of the coins in his hands, laughing. “Man this guy was rich!”
Charles went to the largest chest, the metal parts dull with age, but not rusted. Fingering the lid of the chest, he took in a deep breath and heaved it open, grunting in surprise at just how heavy the lid was. When it was open, he checked inside it and found several things. First, he found more coins, rough shaped with the face on one side partly worn away—he pocketed them quickly. Second, was a bow, ornately carved with horned demons and dragons, and was also shimmering faintly—he pulled it out and set it aside, intending to learn how to use it another time. Third, he found a dull crystal, that at his touch, shone so bright, it nearly blinded him—taking a piece of cloth, he quickly covered up the item and stowed it into his bag. And fourth, was a statuette of a figure similar to the statue at the entrance, only looking more regal and less savage.
“Hey, I have the thing we need!” he shouted, lifting up the object and turning to the others, who were busy looting the rest of the tomb.
Then, he heard a clunk and a rumble, the muffled music soon became clear, as he heard “JOHN CENA!”
Turning Charles’ eyes go wide as a creature rose up from the sarcophagus and floated, wearing baseball cap, shorts, trainers and armbands. The creature turned, with the face and body of the wrestler, raising its hands that began to glow with the fury of two suns, the music still playing and even repeating at points.
“Shit!” Petuk shouted as he scrambled up from a pile, drawing his sword. “It’s a lich!”
The creature turned and grinned. “Are you sure about that?”
Shaking his head, Charles sighed and leapt to his feet, spear in hand and lunged point first at the lich.
Throwing its hands out, the lich sent a shockwave of pulsating, black tendrils of energy at Petuk, just as the spear tip pierced the side of the creature, drawing black blood.
“I got him!” Charles cheered as he looked up, only for his smile to die on his lips, seeing the lich was seemingly unphased by the attack.
“Damnit, Charles!” Yular shouted as he and Dari entered the fray. “You have to do more than just stab it once to do any real damage!”
Without a second thought, his movement jerky with panic, Charles yanked the spear out and ran, just as the lich turned toward him, lifting a muscled arm. “Live fast, fight hard, no regrets!”
Charles would have been inspired by the quote he just heard, if it didn’t just come from a creature that just shot a ball of fire his way in an attempt to kill him. Frantically, he dove off the edge of the platform into a pool of water, just as the fireball flew over his head and exploding as it hit the wall, melting part of the stone into slag, sparks falling down and hitting the water.
Sighing with relief, he swam to the edge of the water and pulled himself out, glad that he was still alive and well, not charred to a crisp or a pile of ash—no way was he going to die that easily, not after having survived so much already, he did want to enjoy his loot, after all. Out of the water, he climbed up on the platform and stared out at the lich, who was battling his friends Yular and Dari, but not Petuk.
For a moment, the modder frowned and looked about for the man, only for his eyes to go wide at seeing Petuk crumpled on the ground, the colour gone from his skin and hair.
“No…” Charles choked with dismay as he pulled crawled onto his feet and took a step toward the battle, the lich having just lashed out with an ethereal sword that cut Yular’s spear in two. Firming his jaw, he gripped his hand tight on his spear, only to realise it wasn’t even there. In a panic, he looked about himself but saw no evidence of his spear.
“This is my life, this is my passion, this is all I got,” the lich said as it shot another shadowy tendril from its hand at Dari, who managed to dodge it just in time, only grazing her side.
Charles, without thinking, sprinted toward the battle and roared. “Fuck you, Cena!” Re-joining the clash, he charged headlong into the lich, throwing a fist that landed squarely in the creature’s crotch, hoping to cause the creature as much pain as it could.
The lich turned his gaze on the modder, unphased by the attack. “I never back down and I never quit!”
With a grimace, Charles remembered that a lich was undead and wouldn’t feel any pain—a problem with replacers, was that it made him forget that it was undead, considering the resemblance to the wrestler in the real world. But that didn’t phase him for long, when he continued to punch and grapple with the creature, wanting to get some level of revenge for his fallen friend.
“Are you sure about that?” the lich repeated once more as it swung its arms about to try and grab at the modder with its slime covered, glowing hands.
Ducking his head down and moving about, Charles guessed that the things was attacking him with some kind of magic, and considering all the undead enhancement mods he downloaded—much like all enemy enhancement mods—he knew that it was to be very deadly. As he continued grappling, he gritted his teeth in frustration as he tried to pull the lich down to the ground.
“It’s arms!” Yular shouted as he thrust his spear forward at the lich and retreated back several steps. “Hold its arms and it won’t be able to cast magic so easily!”
“No!” Dari ducked her head just as the wrestler lich swung wide its arm, barely missing its hit on her hand. “Take out its legs and bring it down to the ground, that way we have free hits against it!”
Grunting and groaning, Charles saw the valid reasons to do both and the downsides as well, one of the key disadvantages being that he was still in the most danger, when compared to the others. With a sigh, he climbed up the wrestler lich and went for the head, hoping to deal more damage there, even though he was only armed with his fists.
With the fist strike, the lich said nothing. On the second, third and fourth hits, the lich still didn’t react, only to raise a hand and summon a skeleton that shouted “I’ll get you, He-man!” and went to attack Dari, swinging a great sword that looked as if it came from a JRPG, with its utterly impractical size. Again and again, he continued attacking, yet still more, the lich seemed unaffected.
“Why don’t you die?” Charles raged as he closed his eyes, fist crashing into the lich’s head.
There was a sickening, stone crumbling crack.
The modder opened his eyes and stared with bewilderment as he first saw that his hand was glowing, and that at second, the lich’s head seeped out dust and was caved where he struck. Blinking, he glanced at his hand and frowned. “What was that…?”
“Welcome to the New Raw!” the lich shouted, flexing its muscles and summoning two more skeletons to join the fight.
Snapping to attention, Charles hit the lich’s head again and again with his fist that shimmered with energy, dealing more and more damage than he did before. The lich stumbled and shook, the sounds of bones cracking repeated over and over, while Yular and Dari fought the three summoned skeletons cackling like Skeletor.
When the lich fell to its knees, it muttered. “Nobody remembers second place.”
Ignoring the almost piteous quote, Charles raised his foot, pushed the lich to the ground and stomped hard on its skull, the energy infusing his leg. The skull crunched and became dust, at the same time, bones rattled as the three summoned skeletons clattered to the ground and fizzled into nothing.
“That was a close one…” Yular panted as he held a hand to his side, trying to keep the blood inside him. “A little bit more, and my guts would be all over the place.”
Dari only nodded and gave Charles a brief glance, a frown pulling at her lips, before she spun and dashed to where Petuk lay. “I hope he isn’t dead.”
Yular rushed over to fallen man and held his head close to Petuk’s mouth; after a few seconds, he raised his head and shook it. “He’s gone.”
Charles sagged only a little, which then continued to him falling to his knees, his head light and spinning. He closed his eyes and let out one long, ragged sigh, before falling the rest of the way down to the ground.
The sunlight was beaming down fiercely from the window and Charles tried to shield himself from it, turning about in the bed, pulling the sheet over his head. “Morning already? I don’t want to go to work…”
“Morning? Why yes, it is,” a voice agreed.
Opening his eyes and peeking out from his bed covers, the modder stared in the direction of the voice and nearly jumped out of his skin as he saw a woman in garb where her considerable assets could easily spill out from and the tiny cloth that went over her crotch could so easily be pulled aside for easy access, if one wanted bedroom fun.
“Easy now, you’ve been out for quite a while now,” the woman said, as she sat on a stool beside him, pouring water into a cup and holding it out to the modder. “Have some water to get yourself hydrated.”
Blinking, Charles stared at the woman, whose face was veiled. “Where am I? How long was I out for?”
“You are at the temple of Lady Haira,” the woman said as she bumped the cup into the modder’s chest. “You’ve been out for a couple days, since your trip back from whatever you were doing. Drink that water, I don’t much like force-feeding people.”
“Days?” Charles eyes grew wide. “What could have happened for me to be out for days?”
“Injury and an awakening of magical powers,” the woman said. “Drink, please.”
Eyes glancing toward the proffered cup, Charles took it and took a tiny sip, which soon became greedy gulps.
“Good, you want some more?”
Darting a hand out, Charles took the jug filled with water and brought it to his lips, drinking long and deeply, the liquid going down his throat cool and as refreshing as a mid-winter morning walk through the forest.
“Easy now,” the woman chided as she yanked the jug from the modder. “You can’t just fill yourself on water, you’ll also need something to eat, otherwise you’ll make yourself sick.”
“Right,” Charles nodded thoughtfully, eyes glancing about the room, noticing that it was a ward of some kind, filled with beds, sick and injured scattered about, attended by the same sexy looking nurses or priestesses. Scarcely any decorations were inside, with statues and tapestries dotting several places, in alcoves and on the walls. As he continued to scan the room, the woman had walked away.
The modder soon sighed and lay back into the bed and curled up in the covers. “I wonder where Dari and Yular are…” he mumbled, recalling the fight that seemed so fresh in his mind, that it seemed only seconds ago; with how his hands glowed, the lich’s repeating music that thankfully died as it did, the desperation at which he fought and Petuk laid out on the ground, dead.
“Wake up, sleepy,” the woman said as she placed a tray on the table beside Charles. “Here’s your food, make sure you eat plenty.”
Grunting, Charles rose from the bed and reached a hand out to take the bread baton, before pausing and furrowed his brow, turning to face the nurse, occasionally glancing toward his outstretched hand. “Wait, you said something about magic?”
“Oh yes,” the priestess-nurse nodded. “Usually people tend to black-out when they realise a magical talent in themselves. And when they do, they tend to sleep for a little while. Longer, if the realisation came upon a stressful situation.”
Charles nodded as he let his hand fall. “Do you know about magic then?”
“Of course, I do,” the woman huffed, puffing out her chest that nearly jiggled out of her top. “I do know a little healing magic myself!”
Charles looked back to the tray and took the bread baton up and broke it in two, munching on one half. After a few munches and bites, he paused and flung his gaze about. “Where are Dari and Yular?”
The priestess-nurse frowned for a few seconds, then nodded. “Oh, do you mean the two that brought you in here?”
“Yeah, them.”
“Well, they checked up on you every day, ever since you came here, in fact, they only just left here a few minutes ago.”
“They’ll be coming back tomorrow?” the modder asked as he finished one half of the bread and started on the other.
“Yes they will,” the nurse priestess nodded. “By then, we should have you healthier than a randy young bull during mating season!”
Charles shifted uneasily at hearing that, only just realising that he was completely naked under his covers, his boner raging as he stole glances at the deep cleavage of the nurse-priestess. “Thanks.”
“It’s no problem, sir,” the woman rose from the stool and turned, making the modder’s eyes grow wide, staring at the massive, bare ass jiggling in his face, a tattoo on her butt saying ‘Grade A beef.’
Sighing, Charles took the bowl of soup and slurped from it, noticing that all the other nurse-priestesses also had tattoos; some hand ‘Tashaan’s whore’, ‘Milo’s bitch’, and many more, that made him squirm, uncomfortable that he didn’t remember installing such a mod and realising there was no way of removing it. Shaking his head, he continued to eat and slurp his food and water, sleeping and resting at various points during the day and night, until the next day came and he was greeted by his two of his friends.
AN: sorry about the lateness of the chapter, my shitty job was making me too busy and tired for me to write, ontop of that, I was helping my cousin with his chores on various days, so I didn't have much time to write.
If you wish to tip me for my work, you may do so with ko-fi. Or, if you want to support long term, you can contribute with Patreon. Also, here's my discord channel, join if you are interested.
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2022.01.29 11:19 WaterOcelot Club Brugge springt op de NFT-kar

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2022.01.29 11:19 ejnounimous What do you do when you can't focus on studying/work?

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2022.01.29 11:19 UysofSpades Hi we have a puppy that we’d like to find a good home for.

Pm me for more information if interested.
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2022.01.29 11:19 Cermonto Going back to it now and...my first minature was probs the best cause it taught me a lot.

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2022.01.29 11:19 CamelGangGang That time when I completely crushed the Very Hard Ottomans in just 30 years

We all know how it is. If you want to play a game in Eastern Europe, or the Middle East, or Central Asia, or Western Europe, or really anywhere, you have to have a plan for dealing with the Ottomans. This goes double on Very Hard mode, which takes the Ottoman Empire's already vast and limitless forces and, well, makes them even more vast and limitless.
So there I am, playing a pretty typical Muscovy -> Russia game. Poland took the local noble, so I've been expanding into Lithuania a little sooner than normal, Denmark has been a good ally, so I've been expanding a little slower into the Baltics than usual. The Ottomans have about my development, but due to the very hard bonuses, have finished quantity ideas before me, and have double my force limit. The smart thing to do would be to avoid bordering them until post 1600 when I'll have the cash and force limit to fight them directly.
However, the Ottomans, while not rivaled to me, have begun intentionally encircling me by allying both Aq Qoyunlu and Bukhara, blocking further expansion into the Caucasus and Central Asia. I decide that this gives me an opportunity--I ally both of the Ottoman's allies, and then expand my borders to touch those of the Ottomans, knowing that the AI will be reticent to break their own alliances to engage me.
This seems to work pretty well, as the Ottomans leave me be for a few years, and then, one day in 1533--"The Ottomans have used favours to break Aq Qoyunlu's alliance with you!" Well, we all know what this means--an Ottoman invasion is imminent. I open up the diplomatic macro-builder to see if I can find a replacement ally, and fortunately, in the past few years while I hadn't been looking, Austria had flipped to friendly to me. Off goes the alliance request, which is immediately agreed to. One would think that with the vast military power of the completely ordinary prince of the HRE (apparently lost emperor title to OPM Cilli) Austria on my side, the Ottomans would back off.
Ok, let's be honest, no one thought that.
Instead, the Ottomans declare a holy war. Their forces consist of 92,000 infantry, 40,000 cavalry, and 42,000 artillery-men. Our forces consist of 256,000 infantry, 50,000 cavalry, and 58,000 artillery-men. As will surprise absolutely no one, faced with this correlation of forces, the Ottomans spend the first 5 years of the war absolutely trashing our alliance in virtually every battle, even when outnumbered by a massive margin. As they do. However, even Ottoman super soldiers are unable to stop an alliance that has literally an additional 170,000 soldiers from sieging down first all of their Balkan holdings, and then all of their Anatolian holdings. Ultimately (by 1541), they're left with their entire country sieged down, and their armies destroyed and cast to the winds.
And... they refuse to surrender. Sure, they might be 99.9% occupied, but they have 40 war-score from battles and 25 war score from ticking war score, so they're not willing to do more than give up some cash. Of course, after this brutal war, I want more than that--at least to reclaim the rightful Ruthenian clay. But, the Ottomans won't have it. So, I decide just to wait them out. My plan at first is that if you full occupy an AI for a certain amount of time, you automatically get 100% war-score, however I realize after a few years that the Ottomans own two Mediterranean islands, which are blocked by their massive fleet and are inaccessible, so that won't work. But, I don't have call for peace because I only have 35% warscore, so I can just wait.
Long story short, my game mysteriously crashes in 1552 after the auto-white peace event happens, and I peace out for money and two provinces, giving the Ottomans a second bankruptcy after they already went bankrupt in the 10 years I had their country full-occupied. The Ottoman's neighbors all declare war on them, and after Hungary occupies the Balkans and the Mamluks occupy Anatolia, they spend another 5 - 10 years full occupied (because neither AI can get enough war score to take everything they want, so they stay in the war until their enthusiasm hits 0). By the time that war is over, my truce timer is up, and we go to war once again to reclaim the rightful Ruthenian clay.
One wrong move by the Ottoman AI left them with 0 manpower, no army, 100% devastation in all of their provinces, and stuck in an endless bankruptcy spiral, which was swiftly punished by all of their neighbors. As plans for dealing with the Ottomans go, this one worked out pretty well.
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2022.01.29 11:19 xSeithiusx How to play Zelda Breath of the wild with the same save on Cemu and Yuzu?

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2022.01.29 11:19 RainbowBonny Emilia 🙈 Re:Zero (By Rainbow Bonny)

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2022.01.29 11:19 Imaginary-Number4337 Struggling to output a map of my directory structure

Hello. I am using the POSIx-UEFI library to build a UEFI bootloader.
I have successfully wrapped the Simple Text Output protocol functions I am interested in, and now I would like my bootloader to print out a simple list of the directories/files on my "QEMU PC".
I am following the example provided here: https://gitlab.com/bztsrc/posix-uefi/-/blob/masteexamples/04_dirent/dirent.c
When I run this, it runs, but I get no output whatsoever as if there are no files. It does this both with my project folder name provided or with a simple "//".
When I run "make", it creates a bootloader.efi file and then I run the following QEMU command to run my system.

qemu-system-x86_64 -bios /usshare/ovmf/x64/OVMF.fd -kernel bootloader.efi -net none 
Any thoughts?
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2022.01.29 11:19 jimngavin19 @NevadaITSolutio : Toronto-based company 1Password has raised $620 million at a huge $6.8 billion valuation, meaning the company is now one of Canada’s most valuable technology businesses.  Although password managers like https://t.co/DsSPoJpSju

@NevadaITSolutio : Toronto-based company 1Password has raised $620 million at a huge $6.8 billion valuation, meaning the company is now one of Canada’s most valuable technology businesses.  Although password managers like https://t.co/DsSPoJpSju submitted by jimngavin19 to NVITSolutions [link] [comments]

2022.01.29 11:19 BrokenButStrong Cat keeps losing fur in patches. no ticks or fleas

Hello everyone, perhaps someone can help me and my lovely cat. she's (Lola) a 4 year old tabby that stays indoors only. Last year, she started losing fur in patches around her buttocks and her tail. the vet found no fleas, gave her a steroid shot, and she was fine for 6 months.
well, now she's picking at herself again. I scratched her whole body and found no fleas. what could we be looking at for my baby? allergies?
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